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Project Director Foreword

Jeffrey Amirul

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As we continue to see the devastation caused by unsustainable development, such as climate vulnerability and ecological degradation, and socioeconomic disparity, it is clear that we must take decisive action to ensure a brighter tomorrow. Youth empowerment is the cornerstone of success in sustainability. In line with its theme, the SEA Youth Sustainability Summit 2023 acts as a catalyst for change, connecting us in a collective mission of forging innovative and practical paths towards sustainability through a dynamic combination of leadership forum discussions and project management training.


Sustainable development is more than lofty targets, theoretical ideas, and passing fads. They must be fostered, refined, and converted into action. Taking action for sustainability is a collective endeavour. It requires systemic transformation, business accountability, and a transformation in social norms and values.

Sustainable action involves a commitment to ongoing development, learning from setbacks, and adapting strategies. As inheritors of these challenges, youth participation in sustainability and policymaking is not only an issue of inclusivity, it is a prerequisite for a prosperous, resilient, and sustainable future. Our collective participation is critical to restoring hope and opportunity. We, the youth, are the architects of change.  

A special thanks to the outstanding committee and volunteers who contributed to the success of the first summit.


Muhammad Jeffrey Amirul Bin Zulkifly

Project Director & Initiator

SEA Youth Sustainability Summit 2023

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